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Changing your identity in the computer age - without fake ID or forgery

Today more and more people are seeking to wipe the slate clean and start life all over again under a new name. They create a new identity either through the use of fake ID, forgery live under a new identity under a new name. Often the only way to walk away from the problems associated with their old identity is by creating and adopting a new identity. Shedding your old identity may be theonly truly effective way to walk away from past credit, employment or other personal problems. Unfortunately, changing an identity in our modern computer age can be like tap dancing through a mine field. One wrong move and the whole thing blows up in your face!

Many new identity-changers make the mistake of buying fake ID. Though forged identification documents may look authentic, they'll never pass an on-line verification so they're of very limited use in the building of a new identity. A fake drivers license may get you into a bar if you’re underage, but it isn't much good for anything else.

Other inexperienced identity-changers attempt to "borrow" the identity of a dead infant. This tired old technique has been so terribly over used by criminals that it’s now practically worthless. Several government agencies have actually gone to the trouble of compiling dead infant databases that contain information on all the infants buried in cemeteries around the country. Also, soon the cross-referencing of the official birth and death records will be completed which, in effect, will be the end of this sad old approach.

Clearly what’s needed is an entirely new approach. A comprehensive system that explains how you can obtain real identity documents in an entirely new name. Now,for the first time, you can have a  complete identity-changing program with detailed step-by-step instructions that walks you through the entire process of obtaining genuine new identity documents. This unique new report shows you how to create an entirely new identity supported by a full range of genuine, officially issued identity documents including a new birth certificate, drivers license, social security card, passport andeven major credit cards. This is the only way to create a verifiable new identity on whichyou can securely build a new life.

The information in this unique report comes directly from several underground groupswho are the only real experts on the subject. This new report marks the first time these groups have released this controversial information to the general public.

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Intro | PaperChasing | Using Fake ID | Common Mistakes | Changing ID FAQ | Real Life Stories

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