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This is a simple, no-nonsense site with links to and reviews of all the major fake id related sites currently on the Web. Hopefully this site can save you time and money - There are many companies out there selling poor quality cards and there are some that are plain fraudulent. THIS MAKES ME MAD!!! This site should help point you to to the best and most relevant web sites. If you know of any more sites, or have good/bad experiences with particular companies, please let me know!


Gary "Fakeidman"

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Fake ID Card Sites

Site No. of




Samples Price  Rating

(0 - 10)

Sadbros 8 Y / Y All- Good 2.50 ($4) 9 Long established. Very good cards with latest designs. Very cheap - good quality. Online secure server ordering. views
Falker 5 N/Y All - Good 2 ($3) 6 Clear site. Can print your photo digitally.However, cards design poor.
Belvine 24 Y/Y A Few -Good 5 ($8) 7 Long established. Good cards. Cheap - good quality. Online secure server ordering.
ID CARDZ Not Known Y/Y No 295SEK ($36) 5 Site in Swedish. Seem to have usual features but expensive and no samples.
Real ID

Not Known



$45 - $85


New site. Looks suspicious. Anyone got any experiences? views
Promaster All USA & Canada Y / Y Yes $60 - $110 - PLEASE DOT NOT USE THIS COMPANY Complaints have been received that it is a scam. See the views page
ID-S All USA & Canada + Many More


Yes - All. OK

$60 - $110


New Site - Impresive but See the views
FakeID.Net Templates for most states Y / Y Some $10 per month + $10 per card template. 6 Template based - make your own cards. Membership scheme. Could work out expensive

Most USA


Yes - All



Nice site but samples not clear.
Underground Software All USA Y / Y Some $49.95 - Site Closed see -views
Id Software All USA Not Known ??? $10 special offer. Normally $50 5 Software based. Home card printing. Very little information.
NoveltyID.com All USA & Canada Y / Y Yes - All $40 - $65 9 Excellent site. Good samples. Reasonable prices.
PhotoID All USA Y / Y Yes - All $30 - $175 - This company is linked with Promaster (see above).
Xotic.com All USA Not Known Yes - All $28 4 Novelty only as all cards state "Go-Kart licence"
ID4U All USA Not Known Yes - All $50 - Good site, easy to navigate. No mention of Holgrams/UV features. Site Currently Down
Eastcom 2 States! Yes/No Yes - 2 $90 2 No use unless you live in Colorado or Arizona! Suspicious?
Statelicence (Mr Wright) All US Yes/Yes Yes - 2 $80-150 ? Same as ID-S see views
Cardmasters All USA + ??? Y / Y Yes - All $70 - $100 - Site Currently Down
Ultimate ID Not Known Y / Y ? ? N/A Site being reconstructed


Y / N




PLEASE DOT NOT USE THIS COMPANY AT PRESENT. Complaints have been received that it is a scam. E-mail me if you know anything.
IDSolution Many USA +Central America Y / Y Yes - All $150 ? Very "genuine" good looking site. Anyone used them? I am suspicious. See views

Novelty IDs





Anarchy Underground

All US





Any Experiences out there? See the views
Photoidcards All USA +Canada Y / N Yes - All $69 2 Very Poor. See the views page
Fakeids?.com           WARNING - POSSIBLE SCAM!






Under Constuction.


Fake Certificates Sites






Underground Software

Birth Certificates



  No sample - no comment


Birth Certificates


$10 per month + per order

  No sample - no comment





  No sample - no comment
Statelicence (Mr Wright)

Many Courses & Colleges

& Birth Certificates



Same as ID-S see views


Other Cool Sites

SecretKnowledge.com Great new site for ID, Cannabis Growing, Bugging, Police Techniques, Scams etc
Morphiss Press Books on how to get a new ID, passport, birth certificate etc. Anyone bought? Any good?


Please e-mail me with comments, good/bad experiences. rip-offs, new sites etc and help me keep this site up to date: Mail Me! Please do not ask for advice - I do not want to be biassed towards any particular company and I already get loads of e-mails!! Please read the FAQ Page and the views page before asking a question.

Legal Notice - Please Read

Please note that this site does not in any way condone the use of fake id cards or similar products. Persons considering the purchase of such products should carefully examine the relevant laws of the city/province/state/country or other juristiction in which they live.

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