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2002 - 2003 - 2004
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Life On DisOrient by Bacchus
Conceptual framework

From chaos to order, from data to information, Disorient is a concentric collaboration, a framework built-up of smaller pieces. There is an overall aesthetic but participation and exploration are strongly encouraged (i.e. decorate your vehicle, set-up a massage area between two vehicles, point a monitor out your RV window and show your art videos, cook a meal).

At every level of the camp construction, development and events, let's try to plan achievable goals, set manageable tasks, focus on our own role and surrender control of the rest. Transform available elements into coherent ensembles: earth from the playa becomes pigment for a painting, miscellaneous flat elements (doors, planks, etc.) become a table top, vehicles define a circle... Make things and test them at home, assemble on the playa.

The following pages present an overall plan. We invite you to plug your project into Disorient, the same way Disorient plugs into Black Rock City.

- Terminus Hoenheim in Strasbourg, France by Zaha Hadid;
- Turning Circle of Trains and other images by Alex S. MacLean;
- "Pragmatism and Landscape" (Arquitectura Aviva Monographs 91), September-October 2001;
- Peter Eisenman;
- Sculptures by Andy Goldsworthy and Richard Long.

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