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Life On DisOrient by Bacchus
Mobile Unit
Coordinator: Adeo Ressi

Adeo: "Break up the project into three logical parts:

1. "De Wheels:" we need to get this bad boy float vehicle thing registered in the state of Nevada (you know, with a license plate and tail lights...), so, rather than building it from scratch (the large rectal pain that that is), buy a already registered boat trailer as your base! We could even rent this monster truck of boat trailers (maybe).

2. "Le Platform:" we don't need to over engineer this project, for sure. Simply use some reinforced plywood and create a three fold structure (the "tri-fold") that we can mount to an appropriate boat trailer. We could get this done to specification at a local carpentry shop before we arrive, if need be.

3. "Floor du Light:" this is the masterchild of Mr. Werth... Create some type of "lighted carpet" or foldable light structure that we can pop on the tri-fold when we arrive at the event itself. Worst case scenario, we could project down on the floor surface using the poles for a mount. I have been thinking about ways to involve projection anyway...

So, this is a plan that we can actually do. Let's review some rolios...

- Ethereal Disorient Man: Adeo "the catalyst" Ressi;
- DEXP Project Coordinator: Judy "the master" White;
- DEXP BM02 Art Car Registrator: Cindy "sweet smile" Rajkov;
- DEXP Lighting Master Extraordinaire: Leo "the man" Villareal.

Alrighty. I am going to review some solutions to make all of this a reality. In the meantime, do we have any additional feedback or ideas? Let me know. Best case, we could be looking a very real "cost of ownership!" Rocking. Look forward to hearing from you'll."

Leo: "Sounding good... Some ideas I had for last year. might be good for inspiration...

I think a big, registered trailer is a great idea. we need to have something really solid to stand / dance / party on ...

In terms of disco floor, modular is the way to go- pre built units (1 1/2*1 1/2 foot assembled on playa) i have lots of ideas for how to pull this off plus a bunch of custom sequencers i have designed - also some great plexi fabricators here in nyc. could get shipped out to the playa in the container. think it is totally doable but we need to get going on it asap.

Love the folding idea- very ambitious technically. someone who really knows what they are doing will have to engineer / assemble. having trouble imagining the thing driving around the playa with cantilevered extensions loaded with people... its doable but a challenge. we will need a railing of some sort...

One word of advice from a 9 year burner... keep it simple. we should go for the biggest impact for the least amount of effort. we need something that is going to work and not be an engineering hassle out there- it is very hard to think straight on the playa- lots of environmental forces working against one.

Maybe we do a disco floor on the trailer and use lights and projectors to shoot out onto the playa, making a temporary dance floor... i have a very cool strobe beacon that is high impact, weatherproof and energy efficient. it has been out at bm for the last 5 years. a version of it could be attached to the trailer to make it easily findable from anywhere on the playa. would be great as a 'point of disorientation'.

Things we need to figure out:
- how big is the trailer? what is going to pull the trailer? - What sort of sound system are we going to use? how many watts does it consume? i highly recommend self powered mackie's (they are playa tested and very robust) - What size generator do we need? honda makes excellent ones--quiet + efficient. - What is the plan for using the disorient express? in the past, we've thought of a mobile unit as serving and ambassadorial function- representing Disorient out on the playa + acting as a pied piper type of thing to lure people back to home base- at times it could also be parked in camp / in front of camp, etc. it also serves as a link to our deep playa outpost, reorient.

In terms of decorating the truck part of this set-up, silver mylar is the cheapest, quickest and easiest. I've spent alot of time wrapping RV's... I also think something like neon orange fur would be great... there was an amazing vehicle last year.

The idea of anthropomorphising the vehicle is cool- we could do a similar big face on the front of the truck... I can imagine big lit up eyes and a flashing mouth..."

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