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2002 - 2003 - 2004
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Life On DisOrient by Bacchus
Curator: Leo
Tech: Josh, Trouble and Glen

Three 2000+ lumen projectors placed in 3 rv's pointing at Dome. If anyone has gear they could loan, please email Leo asap. Or if there is someone we could borrow these from, it would be great. The Playa is an extremely harsh environment for technology but we promise to keep the gear in an enclosed environment, covered with dust proof material when not in use, thoroughly cleaned and blown out on return. We did fine last year with our rental- no complaints from them. Leo's had his projectors, computers, etc out there many years without incident.

Control Room
This might be located in Glen's bus- we'll see how he feels about it. It seems better to have this somewhere where people aren't partying... less dust, chance of spillage, security, etc. Cables from all three projectors run to the control room. Control room has 3 vhs vcrs, 3 dvd players, a Panasonic mixer, at least 1 MiniDV player. This might be overkill on the playback but it would be cool to be able to have three different things running on the dome. Our setup should be able to accomodate video jockeys who want to hook in a laptop. Playback monitor(s). Again, if anyone has gear they can contribute, please email Leo.

We should encourage people to bring their stuff on DVD, if possible (more robust playback than VHS which always gets fuked up with the dust). What we want:

Long abstract sequences that can be played back on repeat mode:
- Ocean footage, fish, jellyfish (floating world theme);
- Particles of any kind (i.e. Megaparticles);
- Hypnotic disorienting stuff;
- Space footage (Barbie has an amazing solar system simulation).
Please make suggestions, solicit material from talented people...
Tip: Anything high contrast will read better when projected.

We are open to other things but think we need to express a strong aesthetic. People brought by all kinds of tape they wanted to see on the dome. We should preview stuff and project if 'good' - there should never be random shit on our dome.

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You can help

Volunteer for any of the following:

- Video projectors (5) (Leo (2), 3 more projectors needed);
- 27' TVs (4) (Josh).
- DVD players (5) (Leo, 4 more player(s) needed);
- DVD (content): (Leo, Dervish by Josh, BackSnap by The Eye, submit content on DVD). Content to be projected on the dome and various other screens. 48 hours editing.
- Laptop instrument (Josh).

Installation (date) (Leo, 1 more volunteer(s) needed): Set-up video stations in RVs. 2 hours.

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