Esplanade 255

2002 - 2003 - 2004
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Life On DisOrient by Bacchus
The Wall & the Stage
Coordinator: The Eye

Both the Wall and the Stage are made of scaffoldings covered with orange safety mesh and lit from the inside by orange spotlights. On this image the scaffolding structure is represented in orange.

The Wall is 200'L x 5'W x 10'H. It is made of 26 modules of 5'W x 5'H x 10'L which break down into:
- 32 Scaffold frames of 5'W x 5'H
- 52 Scaffold cross braces of 10'
- 26 scaffold planks of 10' (not all modules are topped by planks)

The Stage is the platform of the truck. The sound-control/DJ-booth is built in the central part of the Wall where the Stage was originally located. This space is 20' x 10'. it is made of 4 modules of 5'W x 3'H x 10'L which break down into:
- 6 Scaffold frame of 5'W x 5'H
- 8 Scaffold cross braces of 10'
- 8 scaffold planks of 10'

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You can help

Volunteer for any of the following:

- Scaffolding rental (The Eye): All Star Rents (, in Reno (775-358-5123, fax: 775-358-5353) contact: John. Estimated price (Outdoor Biljax): $2000 + $500 for truck. Contact Eric McDougal if help needed.
- Orange mesh (250' x 5') (Leo);
- Orange Zip ties (200) (Leo).

Installation (Aug 25) (The Eye, Artur, Zoned, 4 more volunteer(s) needed): Erection of the Wall and the Stage, wrap with orange mesh, hang Disorient signs. 4 hours early morning (7-11) and 5 hours late afternoon (5-10).

Take down (Sep 2) (The Eye, Zoned, 4 more volunteer(s) needed): 6 hours.

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