Esplanade and Sacred (10:00), Black Rock City, Nevada
August 25 to September 1, 2003

2002 - 2003 - 2004
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These are not requirements but suggestions to help you make aesthetic decisions for your participation to Reorient.

Palette of colors, textures and materials: orange, light blue, silver, playa tones (earth), mylar, furry material, blinking lights, video projection.

Inspirations: fractals, from chaos to order and back, magnetic field, data becomes information, earthworks, land art, crop circles, horns.

Reorient is about...

Reorient is about mylar. It is the mirror, the double, the twin. It camouflages, sucks in, spits out, distorts. It presents a gateway to another world. Mylar makes a lovely evening gown. Silver body paint is nice too.

Reorient is about popping. Flashing. It's synaptical. Operating on the thresholds of perception.

Reorient is about big video. It is immersive and dimensional. It is something you enter. The silhouette is critical to the video at Reorient. That is the participant's way of projecting themselves into a simulated world.

Reorient is about breaking down. When is something something? It's about pattern recognition. Reorient is particular. It's about lots of little things flying around in a big world, it's about underlying structures and rules. It is a game.

Reorient is about comfort. It's about making a place for people to sit/lie.

Reorient is a vehicle. It takes you places.

Reorient is about domes. Its about shelter and communion.

Reorient is about chaos. Its about opposites and flip sides. Its multiple perspectives at once.

More on this in the Reorient FAQ.

Reorient attire

- multi-layered costumes
- mix genres and styles
- three kings
- horns
- discover the other you
- asian robes
- classical desert attire
- gheisha make-up
- space invaders in long hard coats
- blinking apparatus
- samurai helmet
- hide the eyes (glasses...)
- accessories and clothes range from haute couture to trash finds
- transformation/mutation (especially at night)
- anything goes but keep it beautiful.


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