Esplanade and Sacred (10:00), Black Rock City, Nevada
August 25 to September 1, 2003

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MylaRV Canopy

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MylaRV Canopy
Coordinator: Carpet Queen
Canopy Coordinator: Slackmaster 2000
Crew: Nathan, Belle, Artur, Keisha

A black mesh is attached to the roof of two parallel-parked RVs and creates a shaded area for Reorienters. This module is used in several locations around the camp. That mesh stops 70% of the sun rays. Every piece is 12' wide by 20' long. 2 1x3s are used on both sides to hold the mesh flat and cords pull on the 1x3s to tighten the canopy. The bar canopy, due to it's width, might need central support.

In the public area, the vehicles facing the dome have their front covered with mylar. Vehicles parked on Sacred have their sides covered with mylar too.

MylaRV (by Leo)
You can get roles of silver mirrored mylar (2 mil is good) at Industrial Plastics (212 226 2010) on Canal Street in NYC. They will ship anywhere. It comes in 50 yard lengths, 4 ft wide- costs I think $90. That is enough mylar to cover a 34ft long RV. You will need clear packing tape and utility knives. A ladder is a good thing too. You don't want air to get between the mylar and the RV. The mylar will rip. Put tape across the entire seam. You will have to do some tailoring around windows, etc. Be very careful not to cover your air intakes / exhaust. Also, you must leave NO TRACE. It is very easy for pieces of scrap mylar to go flying off into the desert. Be careful. It took 4 experienced people about 3 hours to mylar the RV in 2000. One good thing is that it keeps the heat down. One bad thing is that mylar probably lasts forever and is pretty eco-unfriendly. I did donate my used mylar one year to a guy who makes solar ovens.

In the dome, the Chamber and some private areas the floor will be covered with carpet. Rachael has assembled many rolls of disparate carpets that, once deployed, will provide foot comfort and less dust with a patchwork effect.


Find out who you would like to pair your RV with and let them know. Ask canopy questions to Slackmaster 2000.

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