Esplanade and Sacred (10:00), Black Rock City, Nevada
August 25 to September 1, 2003

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Welcome to Reorient.

Reorient is a camp at Burning Man. Explore this site to get a sense of what Reorient is about. If you want to be part of Reorient this year, start by reading this page.

Everybody is welcome to join Reorient. That is everybody who has something specific to contribute and/or is willing to take part in camp activities.

Examples of contributions include (from most important to least):
- help disassemble the camp and clean-up (starting Sunday morning after the Burn);
- help build the camp (typically from Friday to Tuesday);
- help load an unload the container in New York and on the playa;
- build stuff in NY (dj tables, bar counter, etc.) to be shipped in the container and assembled on the playa;
- contribute fuel for the generator and booze for the bar;
- come-up with an interesting concept for your "lounge" within Reorient and make it a reality.

There is a mandatory 6-hour shift of trash removal for every Reorienter.

Any specific questions regarding Reorient activities (i.e. video, live music, DJing, bar, etc.) should be asked directly to the respective coordinator. You'll find their contact info on this site at the top of each page.

Explore this site and visit the Reorient bulletin board to get a sense of what we are preparing for Burning Man 2003. The board is the best place to have your questions answered. Check out pictures from last year and visit Burning Man's First Timer's Guide.

When you plan your project, remember that the playa is a hostile environment. It is great to have ideas, it is better when they become reality. Build and test at home, assemble on the playa. By all means, jump in!

Welcome to Reorient.


Here are a few questions that will help us determine how you can be part of Reorient. Please send your answers here:

1. What are your (or your group's) technical strengths (making costumes, cooking, woodworking, do you have a van in NY, etc.). Please be as precise as possible and don't over-estimate.

2. Beyond your own lounge within Reorient, what are you willing to contribute to the camp? What can we expect you to build/ assemble for Reorient in NY, on the West Coast and on the playa?

3. When will you arrive and leave the playa (please break-down by member if you are a group)?

4. How much land would you need in Reorient and how would you use it?

5. Do you prefer electronic music or rock (this will help us determine where to place you within Reorient?

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