Esplanade and Sacred (10:00), Black Rock City, Nevada
August 25 to September 1, 2003

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Reorient Trash Plan

WE ARE GOING TO HAVE A TON OF TRASH THIS YEAR because we're going to have LOTS of guests to our camp. This means we need EVERYONE's involvement and a much more organized approach than in the past.

Pre event
- All campers will get lectured via email and in person about minimizing the trash they bring onto the playa.
- No one will be allowed to camp with us without agreeing to contribute at least two six-hour shifts of labor - one for an activity of their choice, and one for trash. This means that every Reorienter will have made a personal commitment to spend at least six hours cleaning up trash at the camp.

On the Playa
- The camp TRASH CZAR will assign each camper to a Trash Team. Each team will be given a different shift for cleanup. Each team will chose a leader (Trash Commissar) who will be responsible for getting their lazy asses out cleaning.
- At the initiation ceremony for reorient virgins (right before the burn) we will award the very best trash team something very special which we haven't yet determined (plus a lotta love).
- We will also have several trash barrels for guest to throw trash around the camp. Each camper will also be requested to take out full bags and bring them to the Trash Truck if they see a full can.

The Trash Truck:
This year we plan to use one of our larger U-Haul trucks as a mobile garbage unit. When the unit is full (probably by around Thursday) we plan to make a MIDWEEK RUN to Reno (or somewhere closer if we can find it) to unload. This run will be supervised by our RESUPPLY TEAM who are responsible for runs out of the camp for food, fuel, water, etc.

Post event
We have at least 10 campers who will be staying until tuesday and some staying later. We will not leave the playa until it's clean. We will most likely need to do another run in the Trash Truck on Monday with the trash from the weekend and again on Wednesday once we've picked up all the moop.

That's the plan - it's more than we've ever done before but the job's a lot bigger. We can keep the playa clean if we all stick to the task.


Mandatory 6-hour shift for trash removal for each Reorienter.

Don't let it hit the ground.

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