Esplanade and Sacred (10:00), Black Rock City, Nevada
August 25 to September 1, 2003

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Video - TV
Curator: Leo
Coordinator video: Josh
Coordinator TV: Glen
Crew: Terri Ferrari, Michele, Chris, Swan, RoBo.

1. The commitment. Just so you all know, I've made a commitment to Leo that there will ALWAYS be one sober person keeping an eye on the video. And that's us. I think six is probably enough to make sure that people don't feel particularly stressed out or put upon. Why constant sobriety for vid crew? The answer is simple: the projectors. Beamers are temperamental beasts, running very hot, requiring a cooldown cycle before power is cut to them. If the power goes out, all projectors need to be quickly hooked up to RV power sources to get the fans working again. quickly. If the power needs to go out for any reason- generator servicing, etc- the video crew needs to know 5 minutes in advance to shut down the projectors. If we're going to have 1 projector outside of an RV, one eyeball needs to be kept on that thing at all times. It's not rocket science but it does mean that someone needs to be able to think fast in video land and that implies a level of sobriety which may not necessarily be present on the playa.

2. The equipment. We would like to have three really powerful projectors shining on the dome. Last year we had three 2K lumen beamers, but this year Leo would like it to be brighter. The beamers will all be controlled from a central source- the RV that me & my wife & Michelle will be staying in. We'll have a couple of mixers, a couple of DVD players, a couple of VCRs and places for laptop jockeys to plug in. Glen, the resident tinker-genius of Reorient, is working on a multiple camera-in-dome switching system which may give us an image not unlike bullet-time. Plus, whatever sound and video our camp comes up with will be broadcast live on channel 8, fcc willing. We'd like to have video content going 24/7 on the station. The broadcast station will be in Glen's bus.

3. Guest artists. We're the crew, but we're not the only providers. We want to encourage participation and submissions from many parties. All content that goes up on the dome MUST be approved by Leo. I've asked you all to submit short representative samples of your work for his review, and this request is still pending for many of you. 5 minutes, please. Give us your best and if you know anyone else who will be attending the festival who wants to see their stuff on the dome or the TV station, please tell them to submit one of those samples as well. Mail it to me. Joshua Goldberg, 170 West End Avenue, #2b, New York NY 10023.

Nighttime organization

Every night (Tuesday through Sunday) there will be one or two people responsible for the video in the camp and on the dome. By responsible I mean the following:

- Be at the camp at all times, from dusk till dawn.
- Keep content running on the dome.
- Curate content. You can put your stuff on all night or you can seek out outside content or you can make deals with other in-camp video people. You make the schedule. The one big exception to this rule is this: whatever leo says goes. If Leo wants to put something up, put it up. If Leo doesn't like what you've got up, take it down.
- Be sober/with-it enough to be immediately capable of dealing with power outages or equipment issues.

Different curators may also use different setups. They should have setup ready before dusk, and are responsible for returning the setup back to standard (more on this later) during the next day.

Outside video folk who approach me with the wish of projecting on a specific night will be referred to individual curators. Please by all means make an effort to curate on your own; I'm very interested in seeing the different flavors of the different nights. Let's get a cornucopia of talent up there.

Here's the breakdown of the nights:

Tuesday: Glen/Josh
Wednesday: Chris
Thursday: Terri
Friday: Michelle/josh
Saturday: Terri
Sunday: Ross/Cindy



Send video content on DVD to:
Josh Goldberg
170 West End Avenue, #2b
New York, NY 10023

Contact Josh if you want to be part of Reorient's video crew.

We're going to have one more video rehearsal-type event in the basement of tonic from 10-4AM on august 15. We've got all night to work, except for a 30-60minute performance by dyad, an AV act with johnny dekam + jasch. That will be our break.

Please RSVP to if you're interested in being part of this. setup can be minimal. If you can bring it, we can mount it. But this is primarily a way of hanging out and demo'ing content, so maybe just laptops might be the way to go.

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