Esplanade 255

2002 - 2003 - 2004
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Life On DisOrient by Bacchus
The Ishkabibble Lounge
Coordinators: Rachael and The Eye

A place to rest from the sensory orgy, the Lounge is exclusively lit with candles to give it a soothing feel. Candles are installed in the windows of the vehicles shaping the lounge and in special devices (photophores made of various recycled plastic containers i.e. gallons of water cut at the top) that protect them from the wind. Some photophores can be hanging. We need a lot of candles preferably white and preferably big ones so we don't have to change them too often.

In the center there is a big round (to continue the overall "circle" theme) coffee table that can also be used as a small stage for performances (belly dancers, etc.) made of a bunch of flat surfaces cut and pasted together (doors, planks, etc. secured on top of milk crates with duct tape and strings) surrounded by many seats and pillows. There's a round carpet/rug anchored on the floor by long nails capped with big circles of plastic (i.e. cut tires).

The roof of the lounge is a piece of fabric (parachutes) attached on top of a netting made of ropes between the roofs of three RVs (red rope: 350 feet, yellow rope: 200 feet).

The red rope passes behind the wheels and under the axles of each RV. It is twisted with 2-feet long sticks in several (2 or 3) places to make it tight.

A rule to control consumption at the bar could be to bring your own container. Another rule could be to lit a candle when you arrive at the lounge. Rules should be clearly presented, maybe on the printed fabric that covers the side of the two RVs.

Ranger Panda and Ranger Neuron will be available for two person Esalen style massages when their schedules and anyone else's will allow it. Their massage table will be available for use when they are not there.

Inspirations: atmosphere in paintings by orientalists and Rembrandt.

Lounge designs (in early, obsolete, context): 010, 011 (selected), 020, 030, 031, 032.
Detail of 010 and 011.

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You can help

Volunteer to help with any of the following:

- table (dia. 9 feet): planks or/and doors (200 sq. ft, approx. 18 doors), milk crates or/and other 11 inch tall boxes (25), carpet;
- counter (bar): plank, fabric (front);
- photophores: a lot of candles (everybody please bring medium and/or large white candles), empty water containers;
- hooka with strawberry tobacco;
- floor: carpet (2000 sq. ft. including 100 sq. ft. to cover table), long nails, tires;
- roof (The Eye, Rachael, 1 more volunteer needed): fabric (parachute [1][2][3][4]), 1/4 inch rope (600 feet), tighteners, 3 RVs;
- low seating: beach chairs, pillows and rugs if possible (everybody please bring as many of those as possible).

- duct tape (3 big rolls)
- jig-saw
- screw-gun
- exacter knife + blades
- 2 inch construction fasterners (screws) (2 Lb.)
- 1 inch construction fasterners (screws) (2 Lb.)
- 4 inch nails (50)

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